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Faultline Fury 2014 Disc Golf Tournament

Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt, Wellington - September 21 & 22 2014

Disc Golf New Zealand

The Faultline Fury 2014 Disc Golf Tournament.

Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt is the second oldest basketed course in the country and was skillfully designed and installed to test your full range of shot making, add to that a nasty weekend of Wellington weather - especially for the two opening rounds on the Saturday - and by Sunday afternoon you knew you'd been well and truly worked over.  

Disc Golf New ZealandAs always when running outdoor events, the only thing you can't organise is the weather. I always feel for TD's in this situation, but the combination of the Levin Brotherhood and the Wellington Disc Golf crew didn't miss a beat and ran a brilliant weekend of Disc Golf, despite the weather.

It's also becoming the norm now to see players registering you haven't met before. This is surely a positive sign that our amazing sport is growing. Mind you getting courses in the ground helps immensely. We stopped to play the new 9 holes in the harbour side Hikoikoi Park on our way up the Hutt Valley on Friday afternoon, and I hear through the grapevine there is another 9 holes on the way towards Tawa. Brilliant!

Saturday morning and everyone is leaving the Harcourt Park Holiday Camp with wet weather gear, umbrellas and as many dry cloths as they could fit into their bags. Not the greatest weather for Disc Golf but at least the very new concrete tees were a blessing ... Thanks to the local golfers who had not only worked hard to get them in but also dug into their own pockets to make them happen ... good skills team!

As you can imagine no one really ripped it up in the opening round but the usual suspects all came in with respectable numbers. During the afternoon round most players added a shot or two to their morning scores and a couple even succumbed  to the conditions. You couldn't blame them.

Sunday morning and the weather was on the mend, blue sky and sunshine even made an appearance and the cards coming in at lunchtime reflected the mood of the players, with Jacko breaking the 50. By the afternoon feeling was starting to return to the fingers which saw Simon Feasey come home with the tournament's low round of 47 and Brad Muir also breaking the 50.

All in all another great weekend of Disc Golf on the NZDG tour. Thanks to everyone who made this happen and congratulations to the winners.

Simon Feasey Over-all & Masters, Jackson Sullivan Open, Gemma Sullivan Woman's Open, Ming Menzies WGM, Pete Boyle GM, and Findlay Dempster Juniors. Well done also to  Hazen Simpson and Chris Davies who split the ACE Kitty and to the GM who won the free night's accommodation at Harcourt Park in the lucky draw of all those that stayed right next to the course.

We'll let the pictures tell the full story.

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The Pictures

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Disc Golf New Zealand
3 2 1 ... Putt!
- The 'Ring of Fire' during the Sunday lunch break. Always a lot of fun

Disc Golf New Zealand
Wet, wet, wet! - The Saturday conditions were at the least 'very testing'.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Camo Putt
- Woodhill Disc Golfer Logan Papuni hangin out for a hot shower after his round

Disc Golf New Zealand
Cementing her place in history
- Harcourt Park's new concrete Tee's were a godsend. Ming Menzies will contest to that!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Tower of Power - Open winner Jacko Sullivan lovin the new concrete tees.

Disc Golf New Zealand
"Now turn!" - Junior Champion Findlay Dempster keeping a close eye on his shot.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Soggy Mates - The Bay of Plenty duo of Ming Menzies and Ginny Foley doing their best to stay dry between shots

Disc Golf New Zealand
Local Style - Local Waata Eru…coped with the weather but sadly pulled out on Sunday when toothache got the better of him.

Disc Golf New Zealand
High Flyer - Wanaka's Robyn Agnew leaving the end of the runway with not quite enough flap to get airborne.

Disc Golf New Zealand
New Bunker - Local Disc Golfer Zodiac Apanui sends his putt at the chains as a lake forms in the fairway behind.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Level Headed Champ - Eventual Woman's champ Gemma Sullivan plays out of the rough.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Uphill Struggle - Auckland golfer Brad Muir makes the most of a break in the weather.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Flick the Little Disc Thrower - Always one to get a handle on the techniques of the power players, local player Chris Sinai seems to have mastered 'the flick'.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Sure Footing - Local Lance Alexander making the most of the better Sunday afternoon condies.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Better Than Ever - After a break away from the game local Ryan Kitto is back and playing.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Is ther an app for that? - Ryan Kitto had the solution to soggy score cards. The PDGA app for scoring. Brilliant!

Disc Golf New Zealand
The Real Tower of Power - Poppa Smurf (Shane Sullivan) running through the do's and don'ts ahead of play

Disc Golf New Zealand
Southern Man - Wanaka's Martin Galley dressed for the Saturday condies

Disc Golf New Zealand
Numb - Paula Wilson wishing she could feel her hands and have a tad of control.

Disc Golf New Zealand
All the Raige - Raige Eru (Weeta's son) winds up on the tee.

Disc Golf New Zealand
"Er let's just say threes all around eh?" - Sky Highway doing his best to keep the core cards dry.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Well Balanced - New Innova bag, same style. Grand Master Pete Boyle not at all fazed by the weather.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Needing a Floater Disc - Queenstown golfer Robin Lilley hoping his shot goes in the basket, not the pond that formed around basket 5 on Saturday afternoon.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Waterproof Jeans? - Christchurch Disc Golfer Chris Davies plays up to the 4th.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Chris-tal Ball - The garden city's Chris Davies doing the Disc Golf lean. Didn't work but luckily it didn't roll ... this.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Careful - it's rubbish day today - The things you'll ware to keep dry. Local Jarved Alexander with his entry in this year's 'Wearable Arts' competition.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Butt no! - With a 15 metre hill behind the basket Brad Muir hopes for at least some chain action ... but no!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Bright Perspective - Sunday afternoon and our shadows were back. Ryan Kitto slots his putt on basket 2.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Frothy Calculus - Always nice to have a keg on hand. Winston Rawiri gets the scores down while AB pours the beverages.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Precipitous Anticipation
- A picture is worth a thousand words.

Disc Golf New Zealand
No OB for AB
- Levin Brotherhood's AB Hartley bends it like Beckham.

Disc Golf New Zealand
High and dry
- Wellington Champions for 2014 [L to R] Pete Boyle GM, Findlay Dempster Junior, Ming Menzies WGM, Jackson Sullivan Open, Gemma Sullivan Woman's & Simon Feasey Masters & Overall.


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The Results for Faultline Fury 2014 Disc Golf Tournament

Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt, Wellington - September 21 & 22 2014

First name Last name Division. Rnd.1 Rnd.2 Rnd.3 Rnd.4 Total Div Place
Chris Sinai GM 59 63 55 57 234  
Shane Sullivan GM 54 999 999 999    
Pete Boyle GM 53 55 50 53 211  
Desmond Cooper GM 61 65 53 62 241  
Bob Gentil GM 53 58 56 51 218  
Lance Alexander GM 60 64 57 61 242  
Blair Joines M 55 54 53 50 212  
Mike Proctor GM 58 60 61 58 237  
Martin Galley M 60 61 62 61 244  
Chris Davies M 54 58 58 58 228  
David Malupo O 67 999 999 999 3064  
Abraham Hartley O 57 56 52 57 222  
Jackson Sullivan O 54 56 49 51 210 1st O
Hayden Shore O 60 66 59 52 237  
Quan Weston O 65 63 64 63 255  
Sky Heighway O 69 999 63 60 1191  
Stephen Fargher O 60 57 63 59 239  
Brady Kuech O 58 65 50 55 228  
Wata Eru O 70 74 999 999 2142  
Robin Lilley O 58 56 56 54 224  
Logan Papuni O 54 65 49 999 1167  
Brad Muir O 54 54 55 49 212  
Lou Hillman O 62 61 60 59 242  
Winston Rawiri O 58 64 59 61 242  
Gemma Sullivan W 59 68 59 60 246 1st W
Paula Wilson W 70 999 73 78 1220  
Ming Menzies GMW 70 68 60 62 260  
Robyn Agnew GMW 71 72 64 69 276  
Ginny Foley W 78 74 86 79 317  
Raige Eru J 86 96 90 90 362  
Findlay Dempster J 80 74 68 68 290 1st J
Simon Feasey M 50 54 50 47 201 1st M & overall
Hazen Simpson O 61 59 51 50 221  
Aaron Miers O 65 60 60 63 248  
Stuart Gilchrist O 63 65 54 55 237  
Ryan Kitto O 57 59 52 56 224  
Jarved Orpin O 62 59 59 59 239  
Bodene Tutara O 72 68 69 74 283  
Nigel Hailstone M 60 59 51 55 225  
Peter Jury GM 60 61 57 62 240  
Jack Moka O 71 70 65 66 272  
Leon Smith O 73 70 69 66 278  

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