Disc Golf in New Zealand

What is Disc Golf?


GENTIL SPORT (since 1976) and www.discgolf.co.nz

After throwing Frisbee from as far back as he can remember and then discovering organised disc sports in the States in the mid seventies Bob and ‘Gentil Sport’ has been promoting, teaching, organising and running flying disc events here in New Zealand ever since.

Bob has also competed at National level every year since competitions started in 1978 as well as numerous trips to international events.

Since old footie injures curtailed his running and jumping, Discgolf has been a huge part of Bob’s life for nearly 3 decades, a passion he’ll willingly share with anyone who’ll listen.

Gentil Sport has organised and run too many events to remember, and continues to set the standard for NZ Tour Events.

Realising the cost of bringing just one or two discs into the country was a little daunting to players just starting out, Gentil Sport became an agent for Innova Golf discs in 2000, and imports larger quantities which keeps the price down for local players, and helps re-coup some of the costs involved in promoting and running Discgolf events.

In 1999 Gentil Sport also gained permission from the late Ed Hendrick and the D.G.A. to make and sell the world standard ‘Discgolf Basket’ targets in New Zealand, so NZ Players competing overseas get the chance to practice and play on the real thing.

In 2003 Bob was asked to serve on the WFDF Disc Golf committee and has been the New Zealand PDGA delegate since 2001.


Gentil Sport has been involved in the design and implementation of numerous Discgolf courses over the years.

Having played on many of the worlds best courses and having a good understanding of the game, Gentil Sport is keen to be involved with the course design process in Australasia.

We have a proposition for City Councils and parks staff that we’ll willingly send explaining the many attributes of having a Discgolf course in a city park.

We have on file many letters from city councils singing the praises of Discgolf that we can copy and pass on.

We look forward to being of service.