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2014 Lords of Lismore Disc Golf Championships

Lismore Park Wanaka November 1 & 2 2014

Disc Golf New Zealand

The 2014 Lords of Lismore Disc Golf Championships.

Flying into Queenstown is always a treat but better still, this time I was met by Christchurch golfer Chris Davies in his classic Porsche for the drive over the Crown Range to the stunning Southern Alps town of Wanaka. Fresh snow the night before made for an amazingly picturesque trip.

As always the day before the tournament the weather is stunning with sunshine and a slight zephyr from the North. Perfect for helping the Local Wanaka Crew mark out the course. We did the 10 metre lines around the 18 baskets at Lismore. Good chance for this reporter to have a good look at this course for the first time as well. Beautiful!

Friday ... and it's the South Island Doubles Championships on 18 temporary baskets at Eely Point right on the lake shore. No one had mentioned to me that the event was retro or I just didn't read the small print on the poster well enough so I was about the only one who hadn't stopped by the Op Shop on the way to the course to nab something appropriate to wear. Everyone, bar me, got right into the swing of things and looked amazing.

Disc Golf New Zealand

Saturday and it's time for the Lords of Lismore proper on the exposed hills of Lismore Park. I say exposed because there's very few places to hide from the gale force winds that blew from dawn till dusk over both days. It wasn't uncommon for a 2 metre putt to end up 100 metres behind you. Most players came in with horrific stories to tell but still smiles on their faces as no-one was spared the wrath of the wind gods. The good news was the wind did drop a little for the 18 holes of Mini Golf on the Saturday evening on a course specifically set up around Amigos where we all dined that night.

Come Sunday lunch time (and I must commend the locals on their damn fine catering), it was back to the course for the safari 'Super 6'. Gotta say this reporter loves the Super 6, or in this case a Super 7 with a tie for 6th. It's a great chance to watch the tournament's top performers  entertain the gallery and this exhibition was no exception with the championship outcome only being decided on the last throw of the last hole.

Congratulations to local player Hazen Simpson who came from 1 behind going in to the Super 6 to take it out by 1 over Queenstown's Hemi  Te Awhitu. Lisa Te Awhitu took out the Woman's, Dom Hayden The Masters. The GM took the GM's, The Jaguar the SGM's, Robyn Agnew the WGM division and the Junior champ for 2014 is Ben Wiel-Lake .

Thanks so much to the Wanaka Crew for hosting me and the event so well, I had a awesome time.

Oh! He's a little hint for Wanaka visitors ... when ordering coffee downtown say you're with Hazen and it's half price. He and his amazing wife Jess are local legends.

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The Pictures

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Disc Golf New Zealand
Open Misere - Nice looking office. TD Martin Galley puts the Friday doubles groups together.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Dreadlock Holiday - Hayley Flintoft (Wanaka) getting in some practice for the doubles at Eely Point.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Knit One Pearl Two Par Three -  Hannah shows her style in her retro Op Shop outfit.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Really Eely - Akira Kuroe (Queenstown) going for the putt on hole 10 ‘Wishbone’ at Eely Point.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Hanging Around - Tom Mackay (Dunedin) putting out at the swaying, hanging basket on hole 11 ‘Treble Clef’ at Eely Point.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Style - Hayley Flintoft (Wanaka) in full colour, putting out.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Blossoming - Hannah makes a wicked run up to the new pin placement on 17.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Here it comes... - The gallery all keen to watch the tee shots on Super 6 hole 2.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Hair raising! - TD Martin Galley looks just like he did in 78.

Disc Golf New Zealand
One for WanakaHazen Simpson slots his gimme putt the take the 2014 Lords of Lismore title.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Wind Sock - Hannah Joynt (Dunedin) tests the breeze on the exposed hilltop 14 tee.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Jolley - Karl Jolley (Queenstown) in his tourney onesie.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Redlining It - Karl Jolley (Queenstown) putting out with Eran Blumenthal (Queenstown) in full clench mode, looking on.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Camo - Patrick Maslen – ‘Paz’ (Wanaka) in full retro getup, giving it heaps.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Exterminator - Looking like he out to eliminate pests, James Smithells burns one at the chains.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Rocking - sporting retro stubbies Chris Dixon teamed up with Hemi for the Doubles.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Kiwiana? - For Queenstown brewer Eliott Menzies it was all about comfort.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Top Knotch - The singles Super 7 at Lismore Park – Front row right to left…Dom Hayden (Wanaka), Robin Lilley Queenstown), Back row right to left… Hazen Simson (Wanaka), Tom Mackay (Dunedin), Hemi Te Awhitu (Qtwn), Matt Bew(Qtwn), Eliott Menzies (Qtwn).

Disc Golf New Zealand
Can't watch - Caddy/wife Lisa Te Awhitu checks out the view as Hemi sends his Super 6 'must make' putt over the basket.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Hazen - on his way to putting the LOL trophy beside wife Jess's Speight's Coast to Coast Longest Day silverware on the mantle. What a year for the Simpsons. Doh!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Lake Front Chain Run
- Hannah Joynt putts between squalls hoping her shot stays in basket 1 as a roller could see it miles away.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Curving Accuracy
- Robin Lilly impresses the gallery with a great putt on Super 6 hole 2.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Level Heading
- Craig ‘Monki’ Crosbie (Wanaka) in action at Eely Point.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Dom Hayden (Wanaka) letting one go during the ‘Super 7’.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Sunny Outlook
- Lisa Te Awhitu (Qtwn) with Levi Rye (Wanaka) and Hayley Flintoft (Wanaka) looking on

Disc Golf New Zealand
Golf Fashion Weekly
- Looking good! Hemi, all style.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Mobile Gallery
- The tight course on Eely Point meant there was always another group to check out.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Visualize it, throw it
Robin Lilly lines up a putt.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Spectators of Spectacular
- The Super 6/7 gallery, loving the action.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Yard Over Needle
- Chris Davies marking out the 10 metre circle.  The Wanaka 'knitting lady' has made a different piece of art for every basket.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Pistol Pete Pose
- Levi Rye lines up his putt during Mini Golf at Amigo's on the Saturday night.

Disc Golf New Zealand
- Dom Hayden putting high but thankfully getting a rebound in off a tree with the gallery looking on.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Orange Again
- Tom Mackay in Super 6/7 action.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Pinkie in the middle
Hemi putts right under Robyn's nose.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Alpine Ch
- South Island Men's Doubles winners Eliott Menzies and Matt Bew of Qtwn.


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The Results for 2014 Lords of Lismore Disc Golf Championships

Lismore Park Wanaka November 1 & 2 2014

  Division R1 R2 R3 Total SS Total After SS Div Position Overall Posn
Hazen Simson O 51 55 50 156 19 175 1st 1st
Hemi Te Awhitu O 50 52 53 155 21 176 2nd 2nd
Matt Bew O 48 55 54 157 21 178 3rd 3rd
Eliott Menzies O 50 63 50 163 21 184 4th 4th
Robin Lilly  O 54 58 54 166 22 188 5th = 5th =
Tom Mackay O 54 56 57 167 21 188 5th = 5th =
Dom Hayden 57 56 54 167 23 190 1st 7th
Chris Davies 56 57 55 168     2nd 8th
Bob Gentil  GM 54 62 55 171     1st 9th
Chris Dickson M 56 60 55 171     3rd 9th
John Menzies O 51 66 55 172     7th 11th
Martin Galley 56 60 57 173     4th 12th
Ben Thomson O 54 64 58 176     8th 13th
Akira Kuroe M 57 63 57 177     5th 14th
Ben Holbrook O 58 58 62 178     9th 15th
Kyle Martin O 58 58 62 178     9th 15th
Stuart Gilchrist O 57 69 54 180     10th 17th
Karl Jolley M 62 60 59 181     6th 18th
Ben Wiel-Lake J 59 64 59 182     1st 19th
Rando Paehn O 56 67 59 182     11th 19th
Eran Blumenthal 60 67 59 186     7th 21st
Patrick Maslen O 57 71 58 186     12th 21st
Riley BRUCE J 64 65 57 186     2nd 21st
Tom Sweeting O 57 65 64 186     13th 21st
Hunter Harrill O 58 71 59 188     14th 25th
Russel King O 56 77 56 189     15th 26th
Lisa Te Awhitu WO 62 69 59 190     1st 27th
Geoffrey Marquie O 59 74 58 191     16th 28th
James Smithells SGM 63 70 62 195     1st 29th
Robyn Agnew WGM 59 73 63 195     1st 29th
Levi Rye O 56 78 67 201     17th 31st
Hayley Flintoff WO 61 68 73 202     2nd 32nd
Richard Costello GM 61 81 61 203     2nd 33rd
Hannah Joynt WO 67 73 72 212     3rd 34th
Jenny Joynt WGM 72 76 66 214     2nd 35th
Tim Barker O 54 63 999       18th 36th
Craig Crosbie O 65 65 999       19th 37th
Aaron Miers O 61 71 999       20th 38th
Ian Robertson SGM 73 88 999       2nd 39th
Hana Robertson WO 72   999       4th 40th
Single Round Tournament                  
Owen Hale 1 round 63           2nd  
Steve  1 round ?           3rd  
Allen Gorthty 1 round 59           1st  



  Division R1 R2 Total Rank
Eliott and Matt 'The Brews Brothers' Open 49 45 94 1
Hazen and Russel  Open 48 50 98 2
Hemi and Chris Dickson 'Team Shake and Break' Open 50 51 101 3
James and Robin 'The Chain Gang' Open 53 48 101 3
Chris and Ben Wiel Lake 'Team B and C' Open 54 48 102 5
Monki and Ben H Open 53 51 104 6
Eran and Jollie - 'The Maori Hammer' Open 52 52 104 6
Tom and Akira Open 54 53 107 8
Sweets and Dom - 'Sweet Domination' Open 53 54 107 8
Tim and Ben Open 51 56 107 8
Hayley and Lisa  Womens 56 53 109 11
Waz and Paz Open 53 57 110 12
Martin and John - 'The Jammers' Open 54 56 110 12
Riley and Levi  Open 56 55 111 14
Kyle and Robyn 'Get Well Jes' Mixed 56 57 113 15
Jenny and Hannah 'The Red Berets' Womens 58 59 117 16
Ian and Hana  Mixed 66 66 132 17

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