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The 2010 Auckland Disc Golf Championships | Onepoto Domain, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand Sep 11, 12 2010
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The 2010 Auckland Disc Golf Championships | Onepoto Domain, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand Sep 11, 12 2010

Disc Golf New Zealand

With the temporary Onepoto Domain Lakes course being at sea level there was always the chance that with Auckland’s spring rain it was going to be a little wet under foot. And it was. A week's worth of solid wet weather saw to that. No matter - it was what it was and it was just great to play three rounds of 18 baskets, even if it was in gumboots for some.

At the Saturday morning players meeting it was great to see some new faces and of course all the regular tour players keen to get underway.

Onepoto is a course that requires some careful planning as along with the water on the ground, the lake and waterways through out the park mean players need to think carefully about where they want to be for their next shot, not to mention how much water they take on. On all the water holes there is a safe option but that can sometimes add a shot. But of course taking on water can be rewarding but can also add numbers to your score. Not to mention see you swimming for your disc.

As the lunch arrived after round 1 Auckland golfers Marty de Haas and Damian Peters were tied for the lead on 52, with a slight buffer over the Lost Tribes Blair Joines on 54, with a pair of GM’s Pete Boyle and Bob Gentil on 55. What was of interest was in the Woman’s competition with Levin’s Gemma Sullivan playing in only her second tournament  and tying the first round score of New Zealand’s Woman’s Disc Golf legend Fiona ‘Ming’ Menzies.

By the end of the second round Damian had continued his consistent play to keep the lead with a 54, only bettered by local Nigel Hailstone’s 53 to see him join Damo, Blair and the GM in the seeded top 4 for the final full round of 18 on the Sunday morning.

Conditions on the Sunday were a lot better, although it was still very wet under foot the sun actually came out for a while and most players relished being able to play without a rain jacket hindering movement. In fact for a while it was tee shirt weather.

Once the hot pizza lunch had been devoured it was time for the ‘Super 6’ to head to the course to play holes 1 through 6. Damian Peters led the group on 108 with Blair Joines just 1 shot back on 109. The GM was sitting third with Nigel Hailstone, Tauranga’s Brendon Love and the Lost Tribe’s Pete Boyle making up the 6. That became 5 when Pete decided he was happy with 6th so would hit the road early for the 4 hour drive back to Taumarunui to make a 5 o’clock basketball game. [make the most of it Pete .. those knees won’t last forever! - ed]

Not a lot changed during the ‘Super 6’ apart from Damian putting another 4 shots between first and second and the GM taking 4 shots out of the gap between himself and Blair in second.

In the battle for Levin bragging rights Jackson Sullivan held on for a 2 shot buffer over his old man Shane and Lawton Williams, and Gemma Sullivan will be keen to have another crack at Ming in the not to distant future as well after pushing her to the max.

Thanks once again to all who made the 2010 Auckland Champs another great NZDG Tour event.

Two more NZDG Tour events to go for 2010 and it’s tight at the top with both Simon Feasey and Damian Peters both sitting on three 50 pointers a piece. Bring on the Christchurch Fling and Smokin Mountain and lets watch the battle unfold!

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Disc Golf New Zealand
Bridging the Gap - Auckland Disc Golfer Damian Peters on his way to another 50 tour points, one step closer to Tour leader Simon Feasey.

.Disc Golf New Zealand
Another Forehander - Recent Disc Golf addict and first time tournament player Hayden Shaw.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Mountainbiker Meets Motorbiker - Disc Golf first timers Hayden Shaw from Woodhill Bikepark and Christopher Power from Dirt Rider with a caddy in tow.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Chains Required - Some of the Tees were a little squelchy.

.Disc Golf New Zealand
Cleaning the Fairways of Worms - The Pukekos were right at home in the conditions.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Peters Performs - Damo showing his style on hole 11 as Nigel Hailstone looks on.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Big Basket - Junior winner for the 4th year running Toby Gentil shows how it’s done.

Disc Golf New Zealand
"If I sit here, I get extra pizza" - Three wise men. Yeah right! Marty de Haas, Pete Boyle and the GM.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Taylor Made - Body for life. Tauranga’s Andrew Taylor makes his way out of the flax.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Crouch, Hold, Putt - Team Levin member Lawton Williams negotiates his way to basket 6.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Will He DNF? - Going for it! The Mangere Bridge Mexican Juan Unda doing what he does best.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Who Needs Dreads? - Team Levin check out the ‘Super 6’ as they bring in the baskets.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Champions - Congratulations to the winners. The awesome Auckland Trophies find new homes for another year.

.Disc Golf New Zealand
Tatoo Under -Team Levin’s Jackson Sullivan on his way to taking club bragging rights.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Bugger - Lawton Williams sends one over the basket.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Flaxative - A bit of tongue never goes a miss. Auckland Golfer Nigel Hailstone plays out of the flax.

Disc Golf New Zealand
The Super 6 - ...minus 1. Damian Peters, Blair Joines, Bob Gentil, Nigel Hailstone & Brendon Love.

Disc Golf New Zealand
"I Love the feeling of the mud..." - Tauranga’s Brendon Love spent half an hour in the lake after the final retrieving plastic.

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Date 11.09.2010
Location Auckland
Name Auckland Champs
Venue TBD
TD Bob Gentil
  021 922 097

1 Damian Peters O 52 54 52 19 177 50.00
2 Blair Joines M 54 54 51 23 182 48.31
3 Bob Gentil GM 55 57 53 19 184 46.62
4 Nigel Hailstone M 57 53 59 20 189 44.09
4 Brendon Love M 57 58 54 20 189 44.09
6 Pete Boyle GM 55 63 54 172 41.55
7 Marty DeHaas GM 52 63 58 173 39.86
8 Michael Proctor GM 59 56 61 176 38.17
9 Ben McEwan O 63 57 57 177 36.48
10 Juan Unda M 58 63 60 181 34.79
11 Jymi Best O 60 61 61 182 33.10
12 Andrew Taylor O 64 64 57 185 30.57
12 Jackson Sullivan O 64 61 60 185 30.57
14 Lawton Williams O 60 69 58 187 27.19
14 Shane Sullivan M 64 64 59 187 27.19
16 Fiona Ming Menzies WGM 62 65 62 189 24.66
17 Riki Elston O 60 69 64 193 22.97
18 Gemma Sullivan W 62 69 64 195 20.43
18 Brad Muir O 68 64 63 195 20.43
20 Abraham Hartley O 65 71 63 199 17.90
21 Jenny Joynt WGM 70 73 68 211 16.21
22 Nick McKay O 68 73 71 212 13.67
22 Hayden Shore O 75 71 66 212 13.67
24 Christopher Power O 78 77 73 228 11.14
25 Siep Van Vliet O 54 64 118 9.45
26 Paul Cohen GM 63 61 124 7.76
27 Keith Woody Inwood M 64 68 132 6.07
28 Simon Feasey O 56 56 4.38
29 Toby Gentil J 60 60 2.69
30 Vicky Sanders WGM 87 87 1.00

* DNF: the player did not complete this round. Par +4 has been added to every uncompleted hole.


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