2009 Taupo Championships at Spa Park, Taupo, New Zealand
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The 2009 Gentil Sport Taupo Classic, Spa Park Taupo, New Zealand
October 3 & 4 2009

Disc Golf New Zealand

Congratulations to everyone who made the Taupo Classic another memorable event on the NZDG calendar.

34 players including a junior field of 6 [4 J15’s and 2 J12’s] right up to 2 Senior Grand Masters [60+].

The two un-seeded rounds on the Saturday were played in ideal conditions with very little wind and overcast skies, with the sun even making a guest appearance from time to time, the park was pristine with a lot of the blackberry thinned from many areas but still enough left to make you wary on some holes. It’s a big undulating course but not too hard to get around, the word technical was heard a few times over the weekend and I guess that sums it up. You do need to think about where you want to be for your next shot, there is plenty of trouble you can find yourself in.

When the cards were checked and sorted after play on the Saturday the run at the silverware was wide open, with just 3 shots separating the top 3.

Sunday dawned wet and windy, with a cold snap coming from the south conditions on the course were going to be testing; surly this would see some carnage. Already 12 of the 34 starters had decided to stay in bed and leave golf to the hardy. Raincoats and umbrellas were the dress code of the day. Not conducive to great golf? Seems not as once the cards came in National Champ Simon Feasey had played a blinder in the rain and wind and taken a stroke off the course record he set last year, 47, 9 under the card. Brilliant! And all the rest of the top group could do was appreciate the fact they were there to watch it happen, and be happy with par in the atrocious conditions.

With the weather getting worse it was decided to head straight out for the ‘Super 6’ as soon as the second group came in. With the GM not wanting to turn his bronchitis into phenomena and Jack Turner staying in the warmth of the hotel with the rest of the Ultimate golfers the second seeded group consisted of just Damien Peters and Taumarunui legend Pete Boyle and both had done enough to hold off the challenges of the group below to make the ‘Super 6’. Unless there was a major collapse the only thing riding on the ‘Super 6’ really was the 1 shot lead in Masters that Tauranga’s Dean Marshall had over the Lost Tribes Blair Joines. On the first hole Blair struck trouble and that gap was increased to 2 then on the 5th hole Dean’s drive went 40 metres past the hole and the lead was back to 1. On the final hole Dean had parked his upshot and Blair was close to 30 metres away with a good clean look at the basket on the side of the slope, the rain drenched gallery went quiet as Blair took some last advice from his caddy Gene Tutaki and lined up the shot. It was a bullet straight at the basket and for all money was going in but a metre or so out it dropped and slammed into the side of the basket and his challenge was over. To be honest I think the gallery was a little relieved as if we had needed a playoff for the Masters trophy I think a few were heading towards hypothermia.  A great display of golf in very testing conditions.

Gentil Sport would like to thank everyone who turned up for the 2009 Taupo Classic and especially those that made the event what it was;

  • Everyone who brought baskets
  • Michael Proctor for the loan of the trailer
  • Simon and Eclipse for prizes, transport and course set up & down
  • Ming Menzies for J15 prizes
  • Andrew for the umbrella
  • Arthur for disc retrieval beyond the call
  • Bob on the job Clark for the fantastic Gisborne Disc Golf Tee-shirts
  • PDGA for magazines and support pack
  • Taupo District Council

Thank you all

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Disc Golf New Zealand
Sheree Gentil out of retirement to spend some time on the course with the family. She’s still got it!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Gisborne course Pro and Senior Grand Master Bob on the job Clark putts out hole #3. Nice Tee-Shirt!

Disc Golf New Zealand
The J12 battle was had between Toby Gentil and Tyler Ambler.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Ultimate golfer Jack Turner shows his style on his way to an opening round 57.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Jack Turner. A picture of elegance, from his San Diego Zoo hat to his designer golf pants. Not a bad putt either!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Horowhenua Golfer Glenn Crofskey sends one at the chains on hole #5 as Pete Boyle looks on.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Bay of Plenty golfer Andrew Taylor found a spot of trouble as he headed towards the point on hole #8.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Auckland Disc Golfer and soon to be father Ariki Spooner right at home in the flax bush. Sweet style!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Junior Golfer Andrew Carter came across from Tauranga with 3 mates to play in their first tournament. Great skills!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Gisborne Surfer Bob Clark shows his style on the ‘Around the corner’ hole 12. [If you get to Gizzy look him up an play their 18 baskets.]

Disc Golf New Zealand
The Lost Tribes Blair Joines tee’s hole #3 of the ‘Super 6’ in atrocious conditions.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Even in the wet and wind there was no stopping West Auckland’s Simon Feasey.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Fly My Pretty - Auckland Disc Golf addict Damien Peters puts in the full effort on hole 4 of the ‘Super 6’.

Disc Golf New Zealand
By the time we got to the last hole of the ‘Super 6’ the fairway was fastly becoming a lake.

Disc Golf New Zealand
At the end of the weekend our champions were still all smiling. Nigel Barnwell SGM, Pete Boyle GM, Ming Menzies Woman’s, Dean Marshall Masters, Simon Feasey Open and Henry Conway Junior 15. Missing is Toby Gentil J12 Champ.

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1 Simon Feasey O 54 51 47 17 169 50.00
2 Dean Marshall M 55 52 56 19 182 48.42
3 Blair Joines M 53 55 56 19 183 46.84
4 Damian Peters O 55 56 56 19 186 45.26
5 Bruno Whale O 54 54 63 19 190 43.68
6 Pete Boyle GM 60 58 57 18 193 42.10
7 Andrew Taylor O 57 62 61 180 40.52
8 Barry Baz Keene M 61 59 61 181 38.94
9 Michael Proctor GM 63 55 64 182 36.56
9 Arthur Pengaley O 62 61 59 182 36.56
11 Des Cooper GM 62 62 62 186 34.19
12 Nigel Barnwell SGM 61 62 65 188 32.61
13 Fiona Ming Menzies WGM 64 64 63 191 31.03
14 Keith Woody Inwood M 62 69 61 192 29.45
15 Glen Crofskey O 69 64 65 198 27.87
16 Ariki Spooner O 68 66 66 200 26.29
17 Henrey Conway J 66 63 74 203 24.71
18 Karoline Jonsson W 67 72 67 206 23.13
19 Jenny Joynt WGM 67 76 74 217 21.55
20 Ryan Andrews J 75 66 77 218 19.97
21 Andrew Carter J 70 69 80 219 18.39
22 Elliot Walsh J 86 81 88 255 16.81
23 Bob Gentil GM 59 59 118 14.44
23 Jack Turner O 57 61 118 14.44
25   GM 59 62 121 11.27
25 Ben McEwan O 59 62 121 11.27
27 Tim Germann O 70 61 131 8.90
28 Chris Ambler O 69 65 134 7.32
29 Nathan Moore O 72 67 139 5.74
30 George Jordan O 72 71 143 4.16
31 Sheree Gentil W 71 75 146 2.58
32 Bob Clark SGM 76 77 153 1.00

* DNF: the player did not complete this round. Par +4 has been added to every uncompleted hole.

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