Disc Golf in New Zealand

Woodhill Disc Golf Park, Auckland, New Zealand

Ride the MTB Park then play a round of golf!

Thanks to Woodhill Bike Park

Disc Golf New Zealand

One sport every Kiwi should experience is mountain biking. It combine the exhilaration of speed (as fast as you want to go of course) with the outdoors. And there is no better outdoors setting than New Zealand - what a way to see the country, especially the outback.

Another great way to see the country is to visit all the towns and cities that host the New Zealand Disc Golf Tour, all locations that have great riding as well! So how do you hone your skills for each of these fun sports? Visit the Woodhill Forest Bike Park!

With the New Zealand Disc Golf Association lending a hand by loaning a few baskets, the course is now ready for golfers and maybe-golfers to enjoy - and it starts just metres from the Bike Park parking lot! And just across the way is the always popular Tree Adventures where you can test yourself on the high wire.

The disc golf course at Woodhill Forest is the newest course in New Zealand's largest city Auckland, situated just 35 minutes from the city centre. It is set up in the grounds of the Woodhill Mountain Bike Park and as the name suggests, sits in a huge clearing in the pine trees of Woodhill Forest. Onsite there is Disc Hire, Maps, Scorecards, Coffee and a pretty sweet Mountain Bike Park.

WFDGC has three easy to follow and well marked out course options, all with Baskets.

1. The Green Course is designed for beginners and for regular players to develop a sharp approach game. The green course features 9 marked and easy to follow holes ranging from 40m-65m.

2. The Blue Course is perfect if you have a group outing, for players wanting to "sneak in a quick 9" and is perfect length to work on your mid range game. There is 9 marked and easy to follow holes ranging from 65m-95m

3. The Red Course is a fully marked 18 hole course. Purpose built Tee Boxes on each hole and several lovely holes played down into the small crater like clearing allow your discs to open up nicely. Add in some trees and some OB fencing and the course is ready for all seasoned players. There is a basket at the end of every hole however several of the 12 baskets are used more than once. Holes range from 65m-130m.

Disc Golf New ZealandAll courses are marked well with instructions at each hole and signs pointing players to the next Tee Box with signs near each basket.

The course was started in 2011 and the Red Course opened as recently as May 2012.

At certain times of the year, there can be long grass in places, make sure you watch and pinpoint where your disc lands - you can save yourself a lot of searching.

The unique sand base means even after the heaviest of downpours the course remains dry under foot. The park is open from 7am-6pm during the Winter months and 7am-8pm during the summer.

Click here to drop to directions to the park.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Red Course - Full 18 holes

Disc Golf New Zealand
Blue/Green Course - Each of 9 holes.


Disc Golf New ZealandWith the advantage of letting non golfers try out the sport, the main marked course is a nice easy short 9 holer. So for the seasoned golfers this one is about honing your short - mid game accuracy and seeing how far under par you can get. To play the long more advanced 18 hole course or the back 9 of the shorter course you will need to contact Haydz and the team to be shown the more hidden away tee boxes. For the kids there are the green tees - shorter lengths and an extra shot per hole.

Haydn and the boys have done a great job setting up the course - creating tees, pathways, instructions on every tee marker, some creative targets and also making discs available for hire at the Bike Park shop (the course is free to play). If you catch the fever you can buy discs right here at www.discgolf.co.nz.

Accommodation Parakai:  10 minute drive from the course, 25 minute drive from the dinner.
Most with own Hot Thermal Pools.  All only minutes from two Thermal Hot Pool and Swimming Pool Centres
Motel Rooms http://www.helensville.co.nz/stayat/geothermal/
Various rooms from Motel Rooms to Small house to Studio Rooms http://www.mineralparkmotel.co.nz/

Accommodation on site (only sleeps 4) - 2 minute drive (5 minute walk) from course, 10 minute drive to dinner.

Accommodation Muriwai Beach: - 15 minute drive from Course, 15 minute drive to dinner.
Camp Ground - http://www.muriwaimotorcamp.co.nz/
Bed and Breakfast - http://www.muriwaibedandbreakfast.co.nz/
Backpackers or private hire (up to 10 people) - http://www.fools.co.nz/

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The Pictures

Disc Golf New Zealand
Welcome - The lads have done a great job setting up the tees. Easy to follow instructions on where the target is, an obvious tee area and the bonus bottle holders! And you can hire discs at the Bike Park shop right there!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Next tee - No map needed: arrows, instructions and pathways lead you to the next tee. With the long grass in places, make sure you watch and pinpoint where your disc lands - you can save yourself a lot of searching.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Bandicoot - Leading Kiwi disc golfer Marty de Haas has caught the mountain biking bug, earning a new nickname along the way (and has been featuring as a model for leading MTB website www.cyclewaynewzealand.co.nz). So the leftie was pretty pleased to hear there was a course at his frequented riding spot at Woodhill Forest.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Why not 'sty' for a while - the Bike Park crew have made sure your round is as easy as a walk in the park. Here the girls are at the far end of the course, the first hole and parking lot is way in the background.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Yellow Fever - Hole 2 features a custom made basket sheltered beneath a slope of pines. When Hayden and the boys got the disc golf fever, all sorts of basket designs were created, including one with chains taken from bikes! Figures.

How to get there

The Woodhill Forest Disc Golf Course is part of the Woodhill Forest Bike Park. The course begins just metres from the north end of the parking lot. Check in at the Bike Park shop if you need to be pointed in the right direction.

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See you next time!