Disc Golf in New Zealand

Disc Golf in Auckland: Monte Cecilia Park

Monte Cecilia Course Description

Please note that as this course is "object only" and as the park is getting more and more popular, we suggest you play a round with people familiar with the various alternative holes to avoid park user clashes (the last thing we need as we struggle to get the sport introduced into New Zealand's so-called "Super City"). We recommend you make contact with Bob who is always keen to show new and experienced golfers alike the fun and spectacle of this fine park. Click here to contact Bob via our Contact Page.

This is the fabulous course we set up for the very successful 2005 NZ Disc Golf Nationals. If you intend to check out the course, please ensure you further our cause for a permanent course in Auckland by always giving way to walkers, say hello (don't 'Scarb' them!) and take out any rubbish that you may come across. Beware of leaving valuables in your vehicle - the carpark is already a focus of scumbag thieves. You can print of a pdf version of this course description by clicking here.

Hole # 1. ‘Pah’s Park It’ Par 3 - 93m
Looks simple enough, but beware of a couple of things. 100% over the OB line behind the basket and your adding a shot, shank it to the right and you could be rolling to the bottom of the hill, and make sure you make it past the bushy tree to the left of the tee as well. Having said all that, I’m picking this hole to be one of the most birdied over the weekend.

Hole # 2. ‘Shoot The Gap’ Par 3 -140m
The tee is just down the fence line from the first basket, beside the Oak tree, and the hole you can see through the gap in the trees. Make it through the overhanging trees and get the angle of release right and there is every chance you could park this one. But get it wrong and you could end up on ‘Toby’s Tee’, with another big pull needed to get to the basket.

Hole # 3. ‘Up and Under’ Par 3 - 64m
To the tee walk to the other side of the big Morton Bay Fig tree. This hole is short, slightly up hill and underneath a stand of mature trees. There are a couple of routs to take, weather you go around the outside or up the middle low and hard it can be reached. Mind you .. you can also roll to the bottom of the hill as well, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Hole # 4. ‘Down and Out’ Par 3 - 74m
An elevated tee between two big trees sees you looking down on the green; only problem is there are a bunch of large trees between you and the basket. Once again you have a selection of routs to the hole. To the right, the left of straight down the middle if you dare. A smart golfer will think placement on this hole, as it will be easy to snooker yourself.

Hole # 5. ‘Dirty Dog Leg’ Par 3 - 118m [as the crow flies]
The tee is up the hill from basket #4, on the high side of the big Island Kauri tree. The course design team saw this as a dogleg to the left. But I’m sure there will be a few big armed and even bigger balled golfers who may think otherwise and take on the jungle. But remember .. if you’re thinking of cutting the corner, you only have 3 minutes to look for a lost disc. To the left of the fence line or the OB line [painted on the day] could make it a costly hole. Might be a good hole to have a spotter on.

Hole # 6. ‘Paddy’s Junction’ Par 3 - 93m
The tee is beside a small Pohutukawa Tree across on the left as you walk back up the hole five dogleg fairway. It’s a wide-open fairway with a big shady canopy over the basket. A slight incline to the green. OB down the left hand side though, and you really wouldn’t want to shank it too far to the right either, as you could end up snookered behind the ‘protruding greenery’.

Hole # 7. ‘Valet Parking’ Par 4 - 143m
The Tee is at the end of the afore mentioned ‘protruding greenery’, it’s a wide-open drive across to the basket under the canopy of a mature stand of giant Morton Bay Fig trees. The elevated tee makes the basket reachable for big arms. OB to the left is a place you really don’t want to be, not just because it will cost you a stroke, but I reckon the fence won’t be fun to climb. Mark my words; being a par 4 there is going to be an eagle or two on this hole.

Hole # 8. ‘Up and Over’ Par 3 - 79m
Walk around the bottom of the hill to the tee just up from the OB fence beside a Silver Birch tree. The basket is reachable for a big arm, straight up the hill to the left. Some will go straight at it others will fade in from the right. Another good chance for a birdie …. or a nasty roll.

Hole # 9. ‘The Rolling Pin’ Par 3 - 73m
The tees under the low branch of another big Morton Bay Fig tree. It’s a picture setting for the basket directly up the hill with the old monastery, Monte Cecilia house, framing the background. Ya really want to park this one, if not on your drive then on your up-shot, as a long putt down hill could see you 40 or 50 meters back down the hill. It’s a nasty place for a basket .. Ask Snowie.

Hole # 10. ‘The Full Monte’ Par 4 - 221m
This is the signature hole of Monte Cecilia Park. The elevated tee directly in front of Monte Cecilia house looks right down the tree lined fairway to the basket over 30 meters below. In the background the skyline is dominated by the Auckland landmark of One Tree Hill. [The site of New Zealand’s first disc golf course] If you have a good handle on flying your drive, you might just get close, arm power alone won’t do it.

Hole # 11. ‘Pohutukawa Pondering’ Par 3 - 66m
Walk to the far back corner of the park, the tee is between two big Island Kauri trees. It’s a short blind hole over a stand of native trees. Have a good look at the basket placement on your way to the tee. It’ll be easy to snooker yourself behind the big Pohutukawa tree or the stand of natives; I suspect a few will roll down the slight incline as well. Another place you really should be picking up a stroke.

Hole # 12. ‘Orchid Drive’ Par 3 - 112m
From the slightly elevated tee beside the small Island Kauri, you can see the basket over the top of the orchid. This hole is all about placement, if you don’t have a big arm or are not prepared to take the risk, then play it safe and make sure you have a good position for your second shot. Be warned .. the 2 meter rule will come into play on this hole for sure.

Hole # 13. ‘Witch Way’ Par 3 - 69m
The tee is on the other side of the trees behind hole number 12. It’s another up hill drive with a choice of routes, left, right or low and hard up the middle. You can see the basket temptingly from the tee in the shade of yet another giant Morton Bay Fig tree, but can you put yourself within putting range.

Hole #14. ‘Buffalo Boys’ Par 3 - 93m
From the other side of the giant Fig tree the tee looks through a gap in the branches to the basket on a green amongst a stand of trees below. Once again there is a choice of route to be made. Hyzer, anhyzer or thread the gap down the middle, you choose. I’m picking most will go ‘round the outside’.

Hole # 15. ‘Thread The Needle’ Par 3 - 60m
The tee is just up the hill from basket number 14.The hole is straight down the hill to yet another Morton Bay Fig tree on the fence line. Thread the gap, don’t fade off to the left or right or go to far and be OB, and you should birdie this one every time. It’s a subtle down hill placement hole that will test your fine play skills. Easier said than done.

Hole # 16. ‘Fairway to Heaven’ Par 3 - 90m
To the tee walk back up the grass along the fence line, it’s on the left looking up the hill under the overhanging trees. The basket is in view under the shade of the trees on the right of the fairway. Usual story, over the fence to the left and you’re not only adding a stroke but you’ve a nasty climb as well. Ask Marty!

Hole # 17. ‘Ménage a Tois’ Par 3 - 62m
The tee is between the fence and the first Totara tree. You’d better hope there is not a howling Sou-Westerly, as if there is this is not going to be a fun hole. The basket is in the middle of the second trio of trees in an open field exposed to the southwest. In the still it’s a matter of just parking it for a birdie, but in the wind this hole could make or break your round.

Hole # 18. ‘Cecilia Ya Later’ Par 4 - 148m
From the tee just out from the roots of the Morton Bay Fig tree, the fairway winds it’s way around to the right and back left for look at the basket on the near side of the Monte Cecilia house steps. Get this one wrong and you could end up with another drive or two from the very bottom of the hill. Be warned .. discs just love to roll down this hill.

Here are some images taken in the early days of the course (baskets in place for event only)...