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2011 Tauranga 'Extreme' Disc Golf Tournament

Tauranga Extreme 2011

TD B Love took a break his busy schedule helping out with the Christchurch Earthquake relief to give us a summary of the action at the 2011 Tauranga Extreme. Here's his story:

This is the first time the tournament had been played during the summer months and no one had been up to McClarens over the summer so we were really breaking new ground and making slight alterations as we went on Friday afternoon during the set up to accommodate the previous year of substantial growth.  

Judging by the scores coming in after the first round on Saturday morning the course was playing hard with most competitors, with exception of The Fease, who was the only one to manage a sub par round on 55.  Simon continued to play the course well over the weekend and went on to card a 52 and 53 on the second and third rounds and close things out with an impressive 17 on the final few super six holes (Dean 2nd, Damian 3rd).  

In the womens division Karo and Ming were battling it out over the three rounds, with Ming's first round 67 being the difference in the end to take out the title and be the first holder of a new womens trophy for the event which was donated kindly by Dean.

Overall the weather was good although a bit hot for battling the tough conditions including long grass on most of the holes.  After the final round we all had a chat about what competitors felt about the summer calendar spot.  In summary most preferred the autumn date (early May) so people could enjoy the full autuminul colours that the course has to offer.  In addition, the TD agreed with competitors about how tough some of the holes were due to growth of trees in recent years.  The upshot is that the Tauranga crew are going to go back to the design studio and look into some modifications for next years course which is likely to utilise more of the upper level of the course.  

Thanks to everyone who made the journey and we hope for an increase in attendance next year on a new but challenging course.  After all it is the Xtreme!!

The Pictures


More pics to come, but enjoy these for now!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Vista - and not a Windows machine in sight! - taking it all in is the Tauranga Fashion crew resting after a steady climb to the summit..


The Results

1 Simon Feasey M 55 52 53 17 177 50.00
2 Dean Marshall O 58 57 54 18 187 46.50
3 Damian Peters O 57 61 56 20 194 43.00
4 Blair Joines M 60 60 59 18 197 39.50
5 Lawton Williams O 62 66 60 19 207 36.00
6 Pete Boyle GM 64 59 60 183 32.50
7 Jackson Sullivan O 59 67 64 190 27.25
7 Henry Conway O 68 66 56 190 27.25
9 Shane Sullivan M 64 62 66 192 22.00
10 Abraham Hartley O 66 64 65 195 18.50
11 Andrew Taylor O 63 69 67 199 15.00
12 Fiona Ming Menzies W 67 71 71 209 11.50
13 Karoline Jönsson W 73 73 71 217 8.00
14 Jenny Joynt WGM 86 87 81 254 4.50
15 Brendon Love M 63 63 1.00
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Disc Golf New Zealand
OK, so that was the Nationals, now let's get EXTREME!