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2017 Tucker Beach RUSH Disc Golf Tournament

pics | resultsTuckers Beach Disc Golf CourseQueenstown 29-30 July 2017

What better setting for a round of disc golf?

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- Please observe the speed limit when driving down Tucker Beach Rd. All tournament vehicles are to be parked by the tourney HQ on the landward side of the access road. NOT by the river.
- There will be a portaloo/toilet onsite, located very close to the tournament headquarters. If you are in the vicinity, please use it. If you find yourself a reasonable distance from the toilet, please be very discreet out on the course.
- There will be a first aid kit located at tourney HQ.
- Please do not litter. There are bins located at tourney HQ. 
- There will be hot beverages (tea and coffee) available to you prior to the mornings rounds. Lunch on Saturday will be ready not long after we finish round one. Please be patient for this. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on all department of conservation reserves. 
- Saturday night we will be enjoying some beverages and food at Smiths craft beer house. The ‘CTTP’ prizes for the tournament has been sponsored by Smiths craft beer house, so a good chance to spend it or buy the tournament director a beer.

- Normal PDGA rules apply for this “C” tier event. There are also local course rules.
- 2 meter rule is only in play for hole 1. If its too close to call, benefit of the doubt goes to the player.
- Shotover river and over the bank are Out of Bounds (OB). This comes into play mostly on holes 3, 5, and 15. If you go OB, you must play from where the disc was last in bounds, with a one stroke penalty. If you are not sure as to where it went OB, come to a collective agreement with your group. The EXCEPTION of the riverbank being holes 6, 7, and 8 that are played on the river bank. ALTHOUGH, using the river water line as the marker, if you go in the river or are completely surrounded by water on these holes, whether above the water or not, you are OB. For example, if your disc has come to rest surrounded by water, but elevated above the water, on a rock/stone, you are OB. Play from point of entry with a one stroke penalty. It's best to stay away from the river.
- The road and car park around the right side of holes 2, 3, 4, 11, and 12 is OB. Including a new OB line which runs on the boundary of the reserve on the right of hole 12 (Goliath) basket and behind it. This OB line joins up with the old number 7 tee. Again if you go OB here , you play from where the disc went OB for a 1 stroke penalty. EXCEPTION is hole 3 where if you go OB right from the tee and land on the road, you were never in bounds so you must throw from the tee.
** 1 metre free relief is given from all OB. You cannot take your stance from OB. All points of the player must be in bounds.
-There is a mando on hole 10. You must pass on the left side of the marked mandatory tree. If you fail to make the mando, proceed to the drop zone, and play there for a one stroke penalty.
- The bunker on hole 14 is OB. If you land in the bunker then proceed to the drop zone and throw from there for a 1 stroke penalty. If you are touching the stones surrounding the bunker then you are safe.
- Hole 16 is an island green. Outside of the island is a hazard. If you fail to make the island from the tee, play the disc as it lies, for a one stroke penalty. If you are on the island and throw outside the island border, play it as it lies for a one stroke penalty. If you are touching the string that defines the island border, you are safe.
- There is 5 'b' tees. Holes 4,5,7,12,18. These tees are for Juniors divisions only.
- All points of contact must be inside the tee off area, at time of release. Being outside the area before or after is Ok. 
- Markers – you can use your thrown disc as a marker (although you cant touch it with this option) or use your mini marker. When throwing, your point of contact must be within 30cms directly behind the marker.
- There is no 10 metre circles on the holes. Please ask your group for confirmation regarding whether you are inside the 10 metre circle or not. No falling putts inside the 10 meter circle. Falling putts are stance violations, and players recieve a warning for first violation. Initial throw is disregarded and rethrow is required.
- You only have 30 seconds to make your throw. The clock starts when you get to your disc, not when you mark it. Warning for first infringement. Penalty shot for violation after that in the round. Please keep the pace of play.
- Obstacles in your stance. You can only move obstacles if they interfere with your stance or throwing motion. Branches can only be removed if they are dead and detatched. 1 shot Penalty WITHOUT warning.
-Be aware of where you are. Please be courteous to other players on the course. Especially talking and moving when people are throwing.
- Please check your scorecards and make sure they are signed. Handing in a signed incorrect scorecard receives a two stroke penalty.
**Any queries can be made here if you don't understand some rules.

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Results for 2017 Tucker Beach RUSH Disc Golf Tournament

Tuckers Beach Disc Golf CourseQueenstown 29-30 July 2017

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