The Sidearm

To be a truly complete golfer get a handle on the 'flick'.
When you've got a drive or an upshot that has to fade to the opposite direction to your backhand this is the shot.
Most golfers only use a sidearm if they really have to and because they don't have to that often, never really get too proficient with it. A good sidearm throw is all about the 'flick'. The release is not at the full extension of the arm as in a backhand, but pretty much directly in front of the body. If you've thrown nothing but backhand for a long time it will hurt, so take it easy to begin with. This type of throw is trademark Taumarunui - all the blokes there were shown the sport by Pete Boyle who throws an incredibly accurate sidearm from drive to putt- yes, putt. These guys are amzing to watch in a tournie - the power, the accuracy, the grace, the kauri-sized legs...Kiwi Icons.