THE ISLAND Jan 16,17 2010 Onetangi Sports Park , Waiheke Island, New Zealand
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THE ISLAND Jan 16,17 2010 Onetangi Sports Park , Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Auckland Golfer Nigel Hailstone tells the story.

Disc Golf New ZealandWhat to do about a problem like Simon?  

That was what all the title pretenders were left to wonder by lunch on Sunday of the Waiheke Island Classic.  Once again the Super Six playoff was reduced to an opportunity to shuffle the minor placings as Simon Feasey demonstrated how to destroy a golf course on a Sunday morning carding a staggering 44 including an ace and a back nine completed in 20 shots.  But of course that was in the future as a field of twenty gathered at the Onetangi Sports Ground to open the NZ Disc Golf Tour for 2010.  Conditions were benign on Saturday morning or at least the wind wasn't blowing on this, the country's only links course.  Typically for January on Waiheke Island, humidity was pushing 100% and the temperature was closing in on 30C as play got underway.  

The first round saw familiar names topping the leader-board with the aforementioned Feasey posting 50. Only the 53 of TD Brett Hailstone bettered 55 amongst the rest with players seeking ice and shade at lunch.  Also requiring ice was the disposition of Siep van Vliet who had to advise the TD that he had led not one but two groups of three players to play an incorrect basket.  Although the mistake was rectified on the course after advice from another group, a penalty of two shots had to be added to all six players' cards.  

The second round saw general improvements in scoring as Dave Keene posted a 51 bettering the 52's of Brett and Simon.  Jack Turner also forced his way into contention with a 54.  The day had been long and hot already so there was nothing for it but to retire to the evening magic of Onetangi beach with its cooling waters.  Once refreshed and a session of beach cricket having been disposed of, the contingent of ultimate throwers put on a display of TRC and MTA of impressive dimensions, the nonchalance of Sheriff Ibrahim being a particular crowd pleaser.  So much so that as evening fell some of the Onetangi locals reciprocated with a display of their own burning their way through 10 minutes of fireworks.  Also commendable was the BBQ put on by the TD.  A collection of the largest mussels most had ever seen and copious amounts of snapper, both freshly extracted from Onetangi Bay by the TD and helpers was beyond the considerable appetites of the attendant crowd.

Fully sated and refreshed battle resumed on a blessedly overcast Sunday morning.  Clearly the fun and feasting of the previous night had been to Simon's approval and his morning performance was akin to a master class with his 44 a new course record that will take a hell of a lot of beating. The super six was marked by the frustrations of Damien Peters who discovered the ever present plastic appetite of the gorse and the comical countenance of Marty de Haas who, needing only a nineteen shot turnaround to take the lead, attempted to ace every hole (don't we all Marty?).  Jack Turner also wowed the gallery with his left hand finger dancing antics resembling something between a Maori dance gesture and a Klingon's digital death flutter.  Watch out for it people, it could be the next big thing.  

Walking away with award winning local wines from Passage Rock and Stonyridge were divisional winners including Ladies Jenny Joynt, Senior Grand Masters Nigel Barnwell, Grand Masters Marty, Masters Brett. The Open and Overall Champion Simon, for four years running now, retains his grip on the coveted Two Taniwha trophy.

So fellow disc golfers, the bar has been set high for this upcoming year of golf.  Outstanding talent and good times have already been witnessed and enjoyed amongst a very happy vibe.  And might I add, at $15 all inclusive (that's right, an all you can eat seafood feast was included!) that has got to be some of the best value entertainment money can buy.  

Ahh, Disc Golf Island style.

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Disc Golf New Zealand
It Was All A Blur - TD Brett Hailstone putts confidently under the watchful eye of Damian Peters.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Jack Turner and playing partners David Keene, Paul Cohen and Mario Cerniar watch the shot from an elevated tee.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Wanna mussel? Kipling Hailstone checks out the Kai-moana for the evening beach BBQ.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Take Your Time - Damien Peters, fast becoming a 'Super 6' regular.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Jack Turner getting down on the job.

Disc Golf New Zealand
A little trick he picked up off Marty. Simon Feasey lines up a turbo!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Marty de Haas the One Tree Hill leftie winds up to full power.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Just add Simon Feasey (of course) and you have the 'Super 6' Damien Peters, Brett Hailstone, David Keene, Marty deHaas and Jack Turner on the tee.

Disc Golf New Zealand
TD Brett Hailstone loving playing in his own back yard.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Marty de Chef shows his limp wristed style that has Nationals partner Juan Unda very worried.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Ultimate style. Jack Turner lovin being back on the golf course.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Downhill Run - Damien Peters tees from one of the few shady spots on the course.

Disc Golf New Zealand
TD Brett Hailstone presents Simon Feasey with the wine and the Two Taniwha trophy that will adorn his mantle for the 4th year in a row. Nice skills!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Marty de DJ picked up a few hand tips on a recent visit to the East Cape.

1 Simon Feasey M 50 52 44 17 163 50.00
2 David Keene O 55 51 51 16 173 47.42
3 Brett Hailstone M 53 52 55 17 177 44.84
4 Jack Turner O 57 54 53 17 181 42.26
5 Damian Peters O 55 56 54 17 182 39.68
6 Marty DeHaas GM 56 57 54 18 185 37.11
7 Siep Van Vliet O 59 54 55 168 34.53
8 Nigel Hailstone M 59 56 54 169 31.95
9 Joe Fish Seebeck O 59 57 55 171 29.37
10 Sheriff Ibrahim O 61 57 54 172 26.79
11 Keith Woody Inwood M 56 59 58 173 24.21
12 Paul Cohen GM 60 59 58 177 21.63
13 Chris Ambler O 59 59 60 178 19.05
14 Michael Proctor GM 62 60 58 180 16.47
15 Nigel Barnwell SGM 60 64 63 187 12.61
15 Conrad Hoskins O 67 61 59 187 12.61
17 George Huhu O 69 63 64 196 8.74
18 Jenny Joynt WGM 67 74 69 210 6.16
19 Mark Hamilton O 58 55 113 3.58
20 Murray Brett M 65 70 135 1.00

Click here for the 2010 New Zealand Tour Points Table

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