2010 Tauranga Extreme Disc Golf Tournament at McLaren Falls Park, Tauranga, New Zealand
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2010 Tauranga Extreme Disc Golf Tournament May 1,2 | McLaren Falls Park, Tauranga, New Zealand

2010 Tauranga Extreme Disc Golf Tournament

May 1 & 2 2010

Disc Golf New ZealandOur Reporter and Photographer at the event Nigel Hailstone tells the story .. in words and pictures.

There is something pleasing to the eye when a collection of deciduous trees readies for winter in a park bejewelled with lakes and vistas.  The leaves transform from their verdant normality to blazing showpieces duelling with the sunset.  And so McLaren Falls Park is a particularly pretty place to gather for an Autumnal disc golf tourney.  Don't be fooled by the beauty.  The sadists that designed this course did so on slopes that would make a billy goat giddy.  Much of the rough is as yet untrammelled by mere humans. The bogs have swallowed hobbits.  Discs vanish like Hanover Finance deposits.

Which makes the 30 odd players that gathered come Saturday May 1 to battle for open and divisional titles of the Tauranga Extreme a hardy (if crazy) group. Conditions were inclement but nothing was to stop the enthusiasts departing to test their arms and legs and spirits after the obligatory briefing from TD Andrew Taylor.   The squall affected opening round was to provide excuses for a number of puzzled golfers reporting less than glamorous scores come lunch.  The local star Dean Marshall was not one of them and his 57 would have been taken by any of the other players.  Except the grinning disc golf phenom and compulsive trophy hoarder Simon Feasey.  He came back from his brief absence from our sport in which he admits to having wagged the stick at the little white ball and set up a new manufacturing division, with a warm up 55.  Mere warm up it was as after a lunch he must have enjoyed, Simon went out and scored an implausible 2nd round 51. Had this correspondent not witnessed and scored said round himself an eye might have been raised at such deeds.  But he made it look easy to play this course and his relatively effortless wander included musings on matters arboreal and technical tips generously offered.  

Put in context, by the end of round two Simon had a 12 shot lead and a 16 shot spread to Mario Cerniar sitting in third place.  But all was not lost to the chasers as Simon claimed the day 1 outing had strained and pained him and adjourned to some local hot pools.  Would he break entirely? Or succumb to permanent full body wrinkling?  Day two would tell.  

Day two was a stunner.  A mere zephyr pushing cotton ball clouds across azure skies set the scene for the players best efforts.  The TD pleased the assembled players by advising that contrary to earlier instruction, players could declare a disc unplayable and proceed to a drop zone rather than threaten life, limb and score from over billy goat bluff or down lost hobbits bog.  The third round seeding saw Taumarunui’s Pete Boyle and Blair Joines, Auckland's Damian Peters and Michael Proctor and the Bay's Brendan Love complete the top groups with Mario, Dean and Simon.  Of those Brendan and Michael missed the super six. In fact the spread was so wide between the players that the battle for outright fourth was the only truly live battle in the ‘super six’ shootout. A two shot swing, the second on the final hole saw Damian prevail.  And so there it was.  Friendships were made and rekindled, legs and arms wearied, discs lost, found and bought and good times had.  As per usual, disc golf (and Simon) was the winner.

Nigel Hailstone

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Disc Golf New Zealand
Super Six - No, not a pack of Woodies but the top six players divying up the major share of available tour points.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Smoking Thrills - Glen Crofskey gets the scores down

Disc Golf New Zealand
Gizza Lift! - and Ming Menzies watch Victor Kereoopa play his shot.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Local lady and many times National Champ Ming Menzies putts out.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Happy Golfers - Shane Te Wiki, Ming & Victor. You couldn’t help but smile playing Disc Golf on a beautiful day at McLaren Falls Park.

Disc Golf New Zealand
The South Island’s only regular tour player Mario Cerniar from Christchurch.

Disc Golf New Zealand
All or nothing! Auckland bolter Damien Peters.

Disc Golf New Zealand
The ‘Super 6’ Blair Joines, Pete Boyle, Mario Cerniar, Dean Marshall, Damien Peters & Simon Feasey.

Disc Golf New Zealand
One of the Bay of Plenty’s original Disc Golfers Dazz Swatilla putts under the watchful eye of playing partners Mario and Blair.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Lying Down at the Job - TD Andrew Taylor dive putts from an awkward position.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Shoot the Coop - Kapiti Coast Disc Golfer Glen Crofskey drives as National Parks Des Cooper watches on.

Disc Golf New Zealand
KACHING! - National Tour Champ Simon Feasey shows why there is daylight between 1st and 2nd at most events he plays.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Benchmarking - Victor Kereoopa and Simon Feasey take time out to soak up some sun and watch their playing partners drive.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Make More Schroom - The course was magic .. the schrooms weren’t!

Disc Golf New Zealand
A 4 with an asterisk on 17 for Brendon Love, what could that mean? (illegal singing on the fairway? - ed)

Disc Golf New Zealand
Michael Proctor plays his up-shot as Damien, Pete and Asterix Brendon look on.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Phew, What A View! - Make time to relax and enjoy the view.


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Tour Event Report

Date 01.05.2010
Location Tauranga
Name Tauranga Extreme
Venue Mc Laren Falls Park
TD Andrew Taylor

1 Simon Feasey O 55 51 57 18 181 50.00
2 Dean Marshall M 57 61 55 20 193 48.12
3 Mario Cerniar O 61 62 58 22 203 46.23
4 Damian Peters O 67 59 62 19 207 44.35
5 Blair Joines M 66 59 61 22 208 42.46
6 Pete Boyle GM 66 61 62 23 212 40.58
7 Nigel Hailstone M 67 65 62 194 38.69
8 Brendon Love M 62 66 67 195 36.81
9 Michael Proctor GM 68 63 66 197 34.92
10 Victor Kereoopa M 66 69 72 207 33.04
11 Nigel Barnwell SGM 69 72 68 209 30.21
11 Fiona Ming Menzies WGM 71 70 68 209 30.21
13 Andrew Taylor O 75 68 68 211 27.38
14 Conrad Hoskins O 77 72 63 212 24.56
14 Henry Conway J 69 72 71 212 24.56
16 Glen Crofskey M 70 70 73 213 20.79
16 Shane Te Wiki O 70 66 77 213 20.79
18 Des Cooper GM 66 73 75 214 17.96
19 Chris Ambler O 80 64 73 217 15.13
19 Abraham Hartley O 71 73 73 217 15.13
21 Lawton Williams O 81 72 71 224 12.31
22 Karoline Jönsson W 77 84 76 237 10.42
23 George Huhu O 80 80 79 239 8.54
24 Ryan Andrews J 85 83 76 244 6.65
25 Darryl Dazz Switalla GM 90 81 78 249 4.77
26 Jenny Joynt WGM 90 94 82 266 2.88
27 Mathius Goedert O 97 89 86 272 1.00

* DNF: the player did not complete this round. Par +4 has been added to every uncompleted hole.


Click here for the 2010 New Zealand Tour Points Table

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