The 2009 Freaky Styley Crater Cup Disc Golf Tournament

The 2009 Freaky Styley Crater Cup
June 20 & 21 2009

Disc Golf New ZealandTD Martin de Haas sums up the 09 event

Hosting the 09 cup was indeed a privilege, the right to design a course on what must be one of the most spectacular slices of terra firma in the world to play Disc Golf was not to be taken lightly, the emphasis this year was on pinpoint accuracy from tee to the green. Any errant  shot would be harshly punished with some massive rollers eventuating, none more  catastrophic  then watching a basket roll 150 metres from the summit and disappearing  into the bowels of Maungakeikei.

This happened before even a disc was thrown!!! [Thanks to all the helpers who assisted in setting the course up especially Allie and  Jenny who were there first thing Sunday morning  putting baskets up]

The scores on the 1st round reflected  what gnarly teeth Te Taniwha had with any score under 70 being more than reasonable with holes like No 2 aptly named 6’s and 7’s crushing the aspirations of many. Hole 13 which Brett Hailstone was harshly robbed of an ace in the doubles on Friday Night gave Gene a 17 who unbelievably had twice come to a metre from the basket before being smashed by the wind and back down the hill.

To add to the carnage of wind and tough basket positioning was our special needs friend ‘rent free’ and dog who took it upon himself to help with course and basket placement throughout the day. Cheers mate; you must be our no 1 fan. Luckily we found most of the hidden basket parts.

Wasn’t it great watching other groups driving across craters or down big elevation drops from the many vantage points especially the Ultra star crew from Warkworth who showed tremendous skills.

Skills were also on display from Nigel Hailstone and Paul Cohen, the unlikely co leaders after the first 2 rounds [go the Saturday 2 round Random Draw] who obviously must have had terrific control and disc selection. They were joined in the seeded top group for Sunday morning by Siep and Brett making it an all Waiheke affair. [Well ya used to live there Nigel.]

Sunday brought us light winds and enjoyable golf condies on this spectacular volcanic cone. Walking and playing on Maungakeikei, which was once long ago the site of New Zealand’s biggest and busiest Pa, is always breathtaking, even if you’re dragging yourself up and down 100 metre craters retrieving plastic. We are indeed very fortunate to be able to hold a tour event here. 

Sunday was all about keeping an eye on group 2, Blair Joines, Chris Kingsnorth [great to see ya on the course again], Damian Peters and Mario Cerniar who all had solid rounds.  Blair’s 3 under 54 showed that the beast could be tamed, with all 4 making the top 6, which became in fact a top 7 because of 3 tied scores. Nigel, after enjoying going to bed Saturday night as a co-leader, suffered a few too many rollers and missed post play.

The ‘Super 6’ was indeed a worthy finale played around the main crater and with all the players in with a chance a lot of nervous moments were witnessed on the extremely demanding final 6 holes. Great to watch! Masters player Blair Joines from Taumarunui’s Lost Tribe club once again showed the tough mental fortitude and consistent golf which is the mantle of his game to become ‘King of the Crater’ 2009, he narrowly defeated [by 1 shot] the local ‘double happy fire cracker’ that is Damian Peters who gets his name engraved on the impressive FS Crater Open trophy for the first time. Paul Cohen took out the competitive Grand Masters title and thoroughly deserved it  with a fine controlled display. Congratulations to Fiona Ming Dynasty Kaching Menzies who once again showed she’s not too far away from a top 6 finish. 

A brilliant weekend, thanks everyone especially those Freaky Styley Fellas, Bob, Speedo, Serf, Baz, Virgil and Jim for technical advice and assistance.

P.S. Already looking forward to Blair hosting next years event and coming up with his interpretation  of the 2010 Freaky Styley Crater Cup course.

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Disc Golf New Zealand
The TD in full song for the National Anthem.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Caught out! TD Marty and Deb 'shuffling the deck' for the random draw...

Disc Golf New Zealand
The All Star Ultra Star crew from Warkworth had a great day in the sun...and wind.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Everyone looking calm and relaxed, that didn't last long once the opening round got underway!

Disc Golf New Zealand
An all too common sight as Siep battles 'te Taniwha'

Disc Golf New Zealand
With backdrops like this accuracy was crucial. Dave Serf sends one at the chains.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Virgil punching one into the appropriately named Gabb's Mouth

Disc Golf New Zealand
Power, control, accuracy, how much of each?

Disc Golf New Zealand
Regular tour player Jenny Joint from Tokoroa fires one at the relatively safety of hole 18.

Disc Golf New Zealand
What a fairway to hit as Wanaka’s Martin Galley adds lean trying to keep it on the green.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Locals Michael Proctor, Nigel Hailstone and Speedo Keene enjoying the fantastic solstice weather, but not so much the strong solstice wind.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Ya gotta know to understand. The view from the Tee on hole #7, 'The Drop' of Waiamea.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Grand Master's winner Paul Cohen was another who tamed the beast.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Blair Joines was all style and skill in front of an appreciative gallery.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Chris Kingsnorth showing even after a break from the game he's is always a force to contend with.

Disc Golf New Zealand
The ease and efficiency of well executed side arm from Paul Cohen.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Mario Cerniar ripping the logo off his disk on this cross-crater bullet.

Disc Golf New Zealand
One of the best and stylish putters on tour; Brett Hailstone shows how it’s done.

Disc Golf New Zealand
"The Crater" enthralled many of the parks other users, with this chap and his dog obviously quite impressed. Shame the feeling wasn’t mutual.

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Freaky Styley Crater Cup 2009 Results
1 Blair Joines M 65 64 54 23 206 50.00
2 Damian Peters O 63 64 58 22 207 48.52
3 Mario Cerniar O 60 68 59 21 208 45.55
3 Brett Hailstone M 64 63 59 22 208 45.55
3 Chris Kingsnorth M 64 62 62 20 208 45.55
6 Paul Cohen GM 62 63 63 21 209 42.58
7 Siep Van Vliet O 62 65 61 25 213 41.09
8 Nigel Hailstone M 61 64 72 197 39.61
9 Marty DeHaas M 66 64 70 200 38.12
10 Pete Boyle GM 67 70 65 202 36.64
11   GM 69 68 66 203 34.41
11 Arthur Pengaley O 67 72 64 203 34.41
13 Andrew Taylor O 69 69 68 206 32.18
14 Michael Proctor GM 74 74 62 210 30.70
15 Barry Baz Keene M 69 76 66 211 29.21
16 Fiona Ming Menzies WGM 71 72 71 214 27.73
17 Keith Woody Inwood M 73 76 67 216 26.24
18 Des Cooper GM 71 71 75 217 24.76
19 Martin Galley M 80 71 69 220 22.53
19 Dave Serf Hartley M 75 74 71 220 22.53
21 George Huhu O 74 73 77 224 20.30
22 Ariki Spooner O 79 75 72 226 18.82
23 Gene Tutaki M 86 79 67 232 17.33
24 Allie Joynt W 77 87 80 244 15.85
25 Nigel Virgil Walker M 81 88 76 245 14.36
26 Jenny Joynt WGM 83 83 81 247 12.88
27 Jacob Jake Mokomoko O 70 68 138 11.39
28 Jason Forno M 70 75 145 9.91
29 George Jordan O 75* 73 148 8.42
30 Bob Gentil GM 63 90* 153 6.94
31 Gabriel McDonald O 94 91 185 5.45
32 Brendan Davis O 95 92 187 3.97
33 Jack Turner O 67 67 2.48
34 David Keene O 94* 94 1.00

Click here for the 2009 New Zealand Tour Points Table

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