New Zealand Match Play Championships 2006 - Monte Cecilia Park, Auckland
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New Zealand Disc Golf Match Play Championships 2006
Monte Cecilia Park, Auckland, November 25-26 2006

Disc Golf in Auckland
The Champ - A appreciative gallery applaud a year of disc golf for Simon Feasey that culminates in the title of 2006 Match Play Champion.


Disc Golf in Auckland
Mental Mentor - After an evening of basketball, touch, cricket and forceback, NZ Grand Master Champion Pete Boyle shows youngster Bruno Whale (Taumarunui) how to perform like a true athlete.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Happy Family - Disc golfing friends had a great time getting together yet again to play the game they love. Now they're all talking about 2007!
Disc Golf in Auckland
Familiar Sight - Other than the scary facial hair, we have come very familiar with the sight and sound of The Fease planting putts in from anywhere. Another nail in the coffin for one of his competitors on hole 4.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Bowled Over - Tournament Director Bob Gentil is either getting at one with the park, or making a tough second on hole 3. We prefer to think its the latter.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Stay Calm - As Pete Boyle (Taumarunui) takes in the beauty of Monte Cecilia Park, Hamiltonian Josh Smith shows the calm approach of a true professional on the 17th tee.
Disc Golf in Auckland
"It Was The Chair" - Pundits were somewhat shocked to find the mild Mexican Juan Unda defeated the Grand Master and Course Designer Bob Gentil 1-0. Spectators put it down to some fine play, including 3 putts over 30 feet, but Unda knows what made the difference - the big chair!
Disc Golf in Auckland
Just Great - It may be nail biting competition, but players cannot but take in the beauty of Monte Cecilia Park. Here some of the final eight catch up on gossip as they head to the 11th green.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Peek-A-Boo - A tricky shot for Brit golfer Matt Cutler on the 4th. Golfers were saddened to hear Matt will be leaving our shores soon, but they will be boosted by the knowledge he hopes to enjoy our hospitality again when he can get back.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Let Her Rip - A wicked action shot of the Joines release as Blair goes for maximum power on release during the final - here on hole 8.
Disc Golf in Auckland
On A Pedestal - Siep Van Vliet (Waiheke) is all style here as he plants in a super putt on the 17th. Looking strong as he finally gets some power back into his injured right arm, Siep stunned the golfing world through 2006 by throwing left handed!
Disc Golf in Auckland
Half Time Entertainment - Multiple uses for a fairway! Players were treated to some pretty on the edge trolley riding.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Clutch Cargo - With a jaw squarer than a Roadie Reunion, Bob Gentil fires a confident second on the tough 2nd. As usual, he's shooting from the middle of the fairway.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Who Needs Music? - Back from hours in the Spa if Wisdom, Tim McVitty (Wellington) just couldn't stop dancing.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Avoidance Required - Like Simon Feasey on a mission, two trolley drivers zoom in on a stalled tank engine
Disc Golf in Auckland
This Is Support? - Part time golfer, part time male No Sleep Pete Anderson (Blenhiem) brought his son Fletch along to see the country's best disc golfer. They also found time to check out Juan Unda!
Disc Golf in Auckland
This Is The Future?! - Fired up and ready (minus a bit of sleep), David Keene (Auckland) was out to show a bit of local knowledge. And then Bob went and redesigned the course!
Disc Golf in Auckland
Chain High - A classic shot on hole 4 of what players were up against when playing Simon Feasey. Here in the final, number 2 seed Blair Joines (Taumarunui) realises once again that he is going to have to fire another birdie just to half the hole. Awesome golf.
Disc Golf in Auckland
There's A Gap - The super short 5th seemed so easy. But any stray drives could lead to being snookered. Here Brett Hailstone (Waiheke) goes for the tiny gap in a desperate attempt to stave off the Fiery Feasey Fracas.
Disc Golf in Auckland
Flying High - Everyone was pleased to see seasoned Auckland based golfer Gene Tutaki (Taumarunui) along for the ride.
Disc Golf in Auckland
On Top of the World - Holding a trophy that already had his name carved on it, Simon Feasey celebrates another bumper year of disc golf (including a win overseas). And a year that saw the birth of his second daughter Caitlin. Well done!

The Results
Match A / 1 v 16  
Simon Feasey  
Paul Cohen Quarter Final Match 1  
Simon                 4&3  
Match B / 8 v 9 Juan                   1&0  
Juan Unda  
Bob Gentil Semi Final Match 1  
Simon                6&5  
Match C / 4 v 13 Brett                  1&0  
David Keene  
Matt Cutler Quarter Final Match 2 2006  
David                  1&0 NZ Match Play Final  
Match D / 5 v 12 Brett                   2&1 Simon  5&4  
Brett Hailstone Blair   1&0 2006
Bazz Keene NZ Match Play Winner
Simon Feasey    7&6
Match E / 3 v 14 2006  
Pete Boyle 3rd & 4th Match 3rd Place winner
Siep Van Vliet Quarter Final Matrch 3 Brett Josh                  5&4
Pete                   2&0 Josh  
Match F / 6 v 11 Josh                   2&1  
Bruno Whale  
Josh Smith Semi Final Match 2  
Josh           1&0 @23  
Match G / 10 v 7 Blair                   6&5  
Tim McVitty  
Nigel Hailstone Quarter Final Match 4  
Nigel                  3&2  
Match H / 15 v 2 Blair                   3&2  
Andrew Taylor  
Blair Joines  


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