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Disc Golf courses in Timaru, New Zealand

Timaru is a port city in the southern Canterbury region of New Zealand, located 157 kilometres southwest of Christchurch and about 196 kilometres northeast of Dunedin on the eastern Pacific coast of the South Island. Like so many disc golf towns in NZ, it was locals who had played the sport elsewhere in the country who banded togather, worked with councils and business groups to create the Caroline Bay Disc Golf course in Timaru.

Locals have been quick to set up a tag system, rewarding improved play.


A fun 9 hole basketed course with 18 tees right in the city suitable for all levels of player.

The Caroline Bay Disc Golf Course is a success story in terms of community actions to get a great healthy passtime to this Soith Island town. And this one is right in the middle of town on a reserve that features the South Island's most popular beach (AA Traveller Facebook page)!

Known by locals as "The Bay", you can now take your discs along for a pleasurable round of disc golf, complimenting the beach volleyball, mini golf, tennis, skateboarding and mini train rides - so much to do!

Check out the latest from Caroline Bay Disc Golf via the Timaru Disc Golf Facebook page - click here.

How to get to Caroline Bay

Caroline Bay itself is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Timaru Central Business District, being separated from the main shopping area by the South Island Main Trunk Railway lines. The Piazza straddles the railway line and provides access for pedestrians via a grand staircase or via a lift which is unique for a public park in this country. Caroline Bay covers an area of 34 hectares excluding the beach.

The disc golf course begins from the parking area off Marine Parade, look for the sign.