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Disc Golf courses in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is by far New Zealand's largest city with a population now in excess of 1.5 million. It is one of the few cities in the world to have harbours on 2 separate major bodies of water (this is called an Isthmus) with the beautiful Manukau and Waitemata Harbours contributing to Auckland's nickname "City of Sails".

Whilst disc golf started in Auckland several decades ago, actual courses were slow to develop but we are finally seeing a growth of the sport here both in terms of players and recognition at the council level. There are some very challenging courses (Waitawa and Bethells) as well as the more beginner friendly courses like Woodhill and Henderson. The list of courses begins below...


A fun 9 hole basketed course in the city suitable for all levels of player.

Disc Golf New ZealandThis is a great place to start if you wish to try out disc golf.

The Henderson Disc Golf Course was opened in 2014 and is Auckland's first 'in the city' disc golf course with permanent baskets - hopefully this is a sign of the times as the sport of disc golf is becoming ever more popular in New Zealand and world-wide.

Whilst it may look like a nice easy flat short course, it is well designed by Woodhill's Hadyn Shore and still offers the seasoned player a challenge - locals have already created several cool versions to give them 18 different holes shooting to the 9 baskets.

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A very challenging course 18 hole basketed course with some stunning views of the Hauraki Gulf.

Disc Golf New ZealandWaitawa Regional Park is one of the newest Regional Parks in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. Purchased by the Auckland Council in 2004, the park remained leased to the previous owners for some time as plans were made for the park.

The main focus of use for the park was to be recreation and Auckland Disc Golfers were pleased to see our sport added to the equation along with mountain biking, horse riding, kayaking and several more fun pursuits. Offering A and B tees, the main course is fully basketed with level tees installed by some of Auckland's keen disc golfing volunteers.

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Pae o te rangi Campground, 114 Te Henga Road, Bethells Beach, Auckland.

Disc Golf New ZealandAnother very challenging Simon Feasey designed course opened in 2016 continuing the momentum of Disc Golf Courses on Auckland Regional Parks. With plenty of vertical changes, lots of OB and a variety of hole shapes, you would be smart to take some spare discs along to this one!

Definitely a course for improving your game, getting your PB here will be a special round.

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An 18 hole basketed course at suitable for all levels of player.

Disc Golf New ZealandThis is a good place to start if you wish to try out disc golf.

Normally known as the home of many kilometres of mountain bike trails located within a commercial forest on the outskirts of Auckland, the guys at Woodhill Bikepark have caught the disc golf bug and have built a couple of cool courses for you to try out - no charge!

You can hire & buy discs at the Bikepark shop as well as refreshments. And don't forget to take your bike!

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An 18 hole basketed course on an iconic Auckland harbour island.

Disc Golf New Zealand

This is the location of Auckland's first basketed course thanks to the efforts of some very keen locals and an open minded local council.

And what a place to play dics golf - always a little warmer than the mainland with some great cafes, sights and scenes, you can catch an early ferry from Auckland City and finish your first round before lunchtime! Consider making it special by staying over, check out https://www.waiheke.co.nz/ for accommodation, transport, food & drink and activities to be enjoyed on Auckland's most accessible island.

Onetangi Sports Park Disc Golf Course

In the shadow of the pa atop Rangihoua Hill, surrounded by the Whakanewha Regional Park, Onetangi vineyards and golf course, lies the idyllic setting for the Onetangi Sports Park. Including tennis courts, rugby, football and cricket grounds, the park also boasts two fully basketed 18 hole Disc Golf courses. It also has a cool mountain bike track circuiting it, much to the pleasure of the Freaky Styley crowd who enjoy both MTB and Disc Golf.

The Old Course, established 2000 is 1269 metres, course record 40. It is short but varied and demanding and has hosted a number of competitive ,enthralling tournaments in the past. Mighty Marty de Haas holds the Waiheke title from 2006. It suits lefties. Check out the 115m twelth and TD Brett's amazing ace on youtube!... click here.

The New Course, established 2006 and constantly undergoing slight tweaks is approx 1800 metres, course record 53 (at time of printing). This course provides more challenge for the seasoned golfer and it regularly use for the New Zealand Disc Golf Tour.


A 18 hole unmarked object course on a beautiful park in the heart of Auckland.

Disc Golf New ZealandTo play this course you will need to 'contact a local' to be shown your way around or just hit the park and make up your own course.

A wonderful new Disc Golf venue in the town where the sport was established in NZ in the late 1970's. Monte Cecilia Park Disc Golf Course was designed and installed for the 2005 New Zealand Disc Golf Nationals by Bob and the legendary mexican Juan Unda. This course has a bit of everything, including the largest stand of Northern Hemisphere trees in the country (please respect that this is a special place for all kiwis). For a course description and some pics, click here.


Multiple unmarked object courses on a large park in the center of Auckland - this is where it began.

Disc Golf New ZealandThis is where the sport of disc golf was established in the late 1970's but alas to play any of these courses you will need to 'contact a local' to be shown your way around or just hit the park and make up your own course.

The Cornwall Park Trust management and the ACC have been propped numerous times, but as of yet still no permanently marked courses exist on the hill. The official word is; we're welcome to use it as we have for the last 25 years and permitted to install temporary baskets for competitions but that's as far as we've ever got with the powers that be. So sadly if you want to play on an existing course on One Tree Hill you need to play with a local the first time.

THE PAINTERS COURSE...[18 objects]

The course played most often on One Tree Hill. One par 5 and 2 par 4's make this a testing par 58. Great use of the many elevations but not too long. Not necessarily a good beginners course although many have cut their teeth on it. There are some very interesting targets, e.g. landing inside a stump, into a trough and more unique challenges that make the Painters 'The Painters.'

THE CRATER COURSE...[18 objects] National Tour course.

The Crater was established in the late 80's by a bunch of young fit Freaky Styley men with knees that worked well. Over the last few years the course has been refined and extended for the annual 'Crater Cup' event, with a new title of The Greater Crater. It's a tough and testing course that on a windy day can see you with 2nd and 3rd shots that need to be twice as long as your tee shot! The elevations are huge and if you're not in the fairway then there's every chance you're 200 feet down a crater! Add the treacherous terrain to the numerous long holes and you'll understand why I don't recommend taking a beginner up this course, there's every chance that after walking 8k up and down, they won't deem it an enjoyable experience. What a view! The Scarb lets rip on the 5th of the Greater Crater

THE ELEVATOR COURSE...[18 objects]

The Elevator is the most recent addition to the One Tree Hill circuit thanks to the keen efforts of leftie dutchman Marty Pants. This Freaky Stylist created some very interesting holes and targets for the lads and the lads liked it. Incorporating some of the Painter holes and some of the Crater holes, this course incorporates the challenges of both, bt with some new twists. More often, the lads will be seen playing the shorter Elepainter course which stays on the southern side of the park. With the help of his golfing idol, Juan Unda, Marty has refined the Elepainter so that if they have a basket handy, they can use it for a total of 6 of the 18 holes - cool! The Grand Master fires one into the sun on the Elevator 7th

THE FRONT COURSE...[18 objects]

The original Cornwall Park course. Short and sweet but rarely gets played these days as this area of the park has become well populated with the 'family day in the park' visitors. During working hours and in inclement weather you can get around with out too many interruptions but forget it on a fine weekend.

THE DOUBLE B...[18 objects]

This course was set up in '95 for a tournament and still gets the occasional group keen to take it on. The prevailing wind can affect the 'Olive Grove' area of the park and the weekend park users often make this not ya best pick of courses to play, but if you get the chance have a local to take you round, it's a good test. Affectionately named after the two designers Bob and Baz.