Celebrating discgolf in New Zealand - the Year That Was - 2004
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The disc golf year always starts
with the Nationals Tournament.
For 2004 organiser Simon Feasey
Set up an all new course at the
tourism heart of the North Island,
the town of hot pools and
mountainbiking - Rotorua.

Kiwi disc golfer James Smithalls
has been setting up the Paradise
tournament for almost 10 years
now. And there could not be a
more beautiful setting for our
fabulous sport - it's not called
Paradise for nothing.
Just awesome.


One of the strongest locations in
New Zealand for disc golf
participation, we enjoy several
tournaments every year at
Taumarunui. The first is The Hill,
held on a testing farm
course with crop-dusting
planes buzzing overhead.


The Freaky Styley disc golfers
look for any excuse for a quick
tournament, so when they
heard of the World's Biggest
Disc Golf Day, they thought they
better get some baskets out
and put the DAKAR trophy up
for grabs.


Maclarens Fall Park in Tauranga
is quite stunning. And with its
steep slopes looking down to a
scenic lake, it makes for some
very, very testing golfing.
The label extreme was termed
to this event quite a few years
ago and no-one who has played there has argued!


The Crater Cup started as a local
tournament amongst the lads
referred to as the Freaky Styley
Disc Golfers. But pretty soon,
everyone wanted a chance at
the superb trophies. And so the
Crater Cup at One Tree Hill is
now an NZ Tour Event.


The country's capital city is at
the intersection of some of the
Earth's shakiest faultlines and
so it was fitting that the regular
disc golf tournament held at
Upper Hutt's permanently
basketted Harcourt Park be
named the Faultline Fury.


Where else in the world can you
play disc golf under the gaze of
snow covered active volcanoes
and relax in a spa pool on the
18th green. Simply stunning,
This year's Smokin' Mountain
tournament saw two days of
very opposite weather extremes.


Spa Park is just too good a
venue to miss out in 2004. And
so it was to Taupo that we
headed in November for the last
event of the tour. This was to
be played in the exciting Match
Play format, which certainly
live up to expectations.


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