Disc Golf in Queenstown, New Zealand.
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A Trip To Paradise by GM Gentil
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There is something about the call to Paradise. It’s just one of those annual Frisbee journeys I just have to make. 2004 was no exception. Paradise is a piece of heaven, and sooooo different to anything North of the Bombays.
I encourage anyone I talk to make the journey - the ‘Dart River Safaris Paradise Plate’ is a must do and I was pleased that ‘No Sleep’ Pete was the paradise virgin this trip.
We’d arrived in town late due to a delayed flight so it was good Sheree had organised a soutern-style limo. She had been in town a week earlier to do the Kepler tramp out of Te Anau and a canoe trip on the sounds.
After dinner at the ‘Lone Star’ the scene was set for another fantastic Queenstown weekend.
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The Flag has risen...

8:00 the next morning and we’re picking up the rental for the drive up the lake to Paradise, stopping for photo shoots along the way …. Oh yeah !! … and to check out the backpackers in Glenorchy…as you do when you’re out with ‘No Sleep’.

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A stunning view.
9:30 and we’re driving through the stunning southern Beech forest on our way to the Paradise clubhouse, surrounded by majestic snow covered peaks.
If you close your eyes while breathing in the coldness coming from the open freezer in a supermarket and picture ‘No Sleep’ with his mouth wide open like a happy puppy…you’re halfway there.
There’s something about that crisp southern air, combined with a trip up one of the worlds premier scenic drives with Pete.

James’ beaming face and thermal-clad figure was there to meet us as we pulled up to the cabin. Half a dozen die-hards had spent the night there and breakfast was being prepared classic southern-style on the wood fired stove.
Another car pulls in, and knock me over with a Jim-putt, it’s a buddy from World’s last year in Flagstaff who I’d been expecting since October. Ken Jarvis, one of the world’s top 5 disc golfers - I might have trouble winning this one!
The 9:30 players meeting happened right on time at 10:35 and we headed for the 10:00am tee-off sharp on 11ish. That’s just the way it works in Queenstown.

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Paradise Golf HQ
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A surreal view from golf HQ
Doubles first … ‘No Sleep’ and I ... what a combination ... talk about the blind leading the blind !
When the scores came in Bob’s Tips seemed to have effected the card with two extra holes scored on our card! I have no idea how that happened … but we got it sorted in the end much to the disgust of the T/D who wanted to disqualify all of us and keep the trophy himself.
As it was, a play-off was needed; national champ Simon Feasey from Auckland and Wellingtonion Dylan Cooper and our visitor from America, Ken Jarvis who played with Nigel Barnwell were all tied up 10 under the card [I think]. Safari holes we’re called for, Tee 7 to hole 8 first up …. par par.
Second play-off hole .. Tee from beside hole 9 to hole 7, 85 meters I reckon, all nice drives especially Simons, which hits dead centre between the ribbons and it’s all over .. nice ace Si.
After an impressive driving clinic from the 247 meters ex world distance record holder [current record 250] the afternoon singles round got underway around 3:30 [thank heaven we were still in daylight saving time] and saw Ken hitting his straps and taking out the Open Paradise Plate ahead of Simon and yours truly bringing home the Masters Plate.
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Seedy Feasey can still ace
Sunday morning and Sheree, Toby and I arrive at the Queenstown Gardens as ‘No Sleep’, Si and a couple of bar tenders and a bouncer from a local club are just wrapping up a night of it.
The “I’ve sorted Si out for you” text I received at 4 in the morning is starting to make sense now.
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The first of many...?
With the local paper missing the story the numbers are down from previous years but at around 11am, 25 of us head for our shotgun start holes.
A couple of hours later as lunch was taken and stories told, yours truly had the lead at 44, 10 under the card with Simon on 47 and Ken Jarvis on 49.
I was feeling pretty good, Si was a little seedy on it and ‘No Sleep’ went home for a kip between rounds and didn’t wake up till 9 the next morning.
Ken as it turned out was just toying with us, he came out in the afternoon round and shot a new tournament course record of 41, 13 under.
“All credit to him” as they say in after match interviews.
So the ‘Helicopter Line 2004 Queenstown Classic’ open title goes to the US, the Masters trophy came home to Auckland with me to join the Woman’s and Under 10 trophy’s won by Sheree and Toby, and the junior under 18 title want to local schoolboy Dylan Menzies.
The Helicopter trip the next day was amazing, I’d won it numerous times before but never been able to take it on account of the fact we we’re always heading home. But this time Sheree had been smart enough to book us onto a late Monday flight out so finally we all got to take in the awesome sights from the chopper.
Thanks Helicopter Line very much.
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A Remarkable reward...
Next year sees the 10th annual Queenstown Classic to be held on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of March 2005. It’s bound to be a biggie so start planning now and lets get down there in force to help celebrate a great event. Mark my words; it’s an experience you’ll never forget.
Or in the case of ‘No Sleep’ an experience he'll never remember!

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Disc golf in Queenstown

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Beautiful Queenstown

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'Good t'see ya!'
Tournie Director James

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Paradise Pete performed perfectly pre-primed...

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Post-primed Pete promptly plummeted pathetically.

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Author celebrates an eagle

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A classic Paradise target.

'I can do it - I can!'

The American takes it.

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Reach for the sky!
Paradise champs.

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Tournie briefing

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Garden winners

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