Disc Golf in New Zealand

Disc Golf in Dunedin, New Zealand

'I say, fancy a round?'

Comparing scores at The Flat

'It's got my seal of approval!'


Dunedin, New Zealand

Contact: Neil Hardy; (03) 454 3981

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Dunedin (population 115,000) is one of New Zealand's liveliest cities. It is known as New Zealand's "student city" because it provides a world-class education to many students from all over New Zealand and around the world.

Dunedin offers students outstanding educational opportunities, a safe environment, a lively cultural scene, a relaxed way of life and a friendly welcome to people of all nationalities.

Dunedin is easy to reach by air and is a wonderful place to live while gaining a quality education.

We don't have a lot of info on Disc Golf in Dunedin, but we will do soon once we get the Freaky Styley tour bus in action. A great sport for students looking to get a break from all the drinking, I mean studying, disc golf has it's ups and downs here in terms of numbers playing. Good ol' Neil has been playing for a while tho'.

Bethunes Gully, Northeast Valley...[18 objects]